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New projects in the pipe!

Just updated the In:Progress section …


Currently working on a JavaScript lib’ for various text rendering functions on HTML5 canvas, for example to create interactive 3D books.

See some examples: (Text wrapper on 3D texture rendering) (Video on 3D texture rendering)

The project lives here:


Recently started something that was in the launch pipe for a while: my own software loop station to enable a handy sync’ of drums and recorded loops for a live guitarist (me) ;)

Nothing to show here yet, still working on the foundations. But only that much. It’s gonna be portable as hell (using Qt / C++), and it might be the foundation to build my very own DAW.

Visiting the Association of Linux Friends in Limbe

In September 2012 I have visited the Association of Linux Friends in Limbe, Cameroon. A computer schooling and solar energy incubator project run by Michel Pauli. Together we have started an electronics lab with basic soldering and measurement equipment at the school, we have tought some HTML and PHP and have been mounting a solar panel on a house roof after installing solar powered lightbulbs and batteries there. This is the webpage of the fully autonomous project: They are collaborating with the activist networkers at

And also you can have a look at some pictures that I shot while there.

Looking out on a possible second visit for early 2014 …^^